EMOTIONS Emotions The album “Emozioni” is focused on nature and its exciting and spectacular aspects. It is a collection of images of landscapes that transmit, activate our senses and give us emotions. Landscape photography not only activates sensations, but teaches us to see the beauty of nature and sometimes stimulates reflections on environmental protection. I hope that those who look at these images can find a bit of inner peace and relaxation, setting aside the commitments of the day for a few minutes and helping them to recharge themselves with positive energy and find calm. "The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our emotions with" Paulo Coelho
JAPAN AT A GLANCE This is the fourth time I visit Japan, but only on this occasion I stopped for a month and I had the chance to check out what I had seen in previous trips: the peaceful coexistence of tradition and modernity. In fact, the coexistence of ancient temples dedicated to meditation and shopping centers, temples of today's consumerism, is not rare; Skyscrapers and traditional houses; Crowded streets and deserted alleys; Sushi bar and street food; Tricycles and super-trains; Women with kimono talking on cellphone. My eyes wandered unceasingly on this reality I tried to fix with my camera, often lazing on particulars: meeting with some fellow Japanese photographers also allowed me to deepen the knowledge of the country. Unfortunately, the only things I could not photograph were the kindness of the Japanese people, their courtesy in helping me find places, respect for the other, widespread spirituality, the feeling of harmony and balance that accompanied me all the time during my trip. An experience I hope to replicate in the future
TOUCHME The project was exhibited at the 18° Festival Européen de la Photo du Nu Arles 8-13 Mai 2018 The female body as an instrument of seduction is emphasized through photography and focused on details. The project "Touch Me" seeks, through the capture in close-up, to abstractify seduction by personifying it in images that recall surreal landscapes and deserts; to explore not only with the eyes but also with the mind. Lines that meet or aim towards infinity, rolling hills, desert dunes, and gravitational blacks holes inspire emotions where you get lost in imagination. The images are printed on special paper ("Curious Touch"™) and mounted on black forex
ILLUMINATION In this album, I am presenting a vision of the world that is both recognizable and yet somehow visionary. An unexpected beauty and surprising complexity, as well as moments of poetic simplicity, are all brought into the spotlight, encouraging us as viewers to acknowledge the wonder of the world we live in and the astonishing power of photography to show it to us through new eyes. I also applied resin on some pictures to give them a three-dimensional effect and to accentuate significant details.
ELEMENTS In my travels, I observe Nature in cliffs, mountains, deserts, beaches, and caves, where I become attracted to the infinite variety of forms that It takes. A design where the Earth, in a holistic sense, is constantly being transformed by the sun (Fire), Water, and Air; Primordial elements from which life is born. From these forms I have drawn inspiration for my photographs through which I am sharing with the viewer my emotions. Later after printing the photographs, I noticed details that upon first glance I had not perceived. A different image had formed in my mind, a “Second Photo,” whose existence I brought to life by highlighting it with a transparent resin.
EXTEMPORANEA Collection of pictures of travels and experiences gained by me in my first period of creative research. All images are collected in single-theme albums that have their own specific visual storytelling.