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“Art is something that our eyes cannot see, and the artist is the one who shows it.”


Irena Anna Sowinska

 Irena Anna Sowinska is an Polish-Italian photographer based in Rome. She has a true passion for capturing the beauty of the world around her. It was while traveling throughout Asia – specifically China, India, and South Korea – that she discovered her love for photography. Since then, she has been on a mission to explore different cultures, expand her knowledge, and create artistically abstract photography that evokes powerful emotions and tells a story like no other. Her work has been showcased in exhibitions and magazines, and continues to inspire all who are lucky enough to experience it. With her creative eye and a genuine love for her craft, Irena Anna Sowinska is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of photography.

  • “Colors of Seoul” at the occasion of the 50th Anniversari of SIWA- Seoul History Museum- 2012
  • “Illumination” Exhibition of Fine Art Photography, Agora Gallery New York-2015
  • “Visibile nell’invisibile” Eudaimonia Gallery, Rome 2016
  • “Live Art Rome”, Grifio Art Gallery, Rome 2016
  • “La Vita (Vista) Sensuale, MUEF Art Gallery, Rome 2016
  • “Cosmografie”, VARCO Rome 2016
  • “Terra Madre” MIIT Museum Torino 2016
  • Notte Bianca del Comune di Ciampino (Rome) 2016
  • In 25 per la Donna e i Diritti, Museo Civico Archeologico, Polo Culturale di Tolfa 2016
  • “Pop Vision”, Eudaimonia Domus Romana 2017
  • “Paratissima” Torino 1-5 Nov 2017
  • “Women Behind The Lens” The Guardian News & Media Gallery, London 11 Dec- 11  2017-Jan 2018
  • Kunstkammer, MUEF Art Gallery Rome 2018
  • FEPN Festival Europeo Fotografia di Nudo, “Touch Me” project, Arles 8-13 May 2018
  • “Sassi su e giù per Matera” project, Berna Residenza Ambasciata Italiana 2018
  • “Eros, Touch Me” Museo Terme di Domiziano Rome 2020